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tv   WBZ News  CBS  December 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at 11 starts right now. >> right when he came out, you hear a big boom. then the house started going in flames. >> a dramatic standoff to police in everett. >> officers tackle a man who caused chaos in a neighborhood this christmas. jim smith is live at that scene with how it all started tonight. jim? >> reporter: william and katie, this was a christmas to remember in everett, but for all of the wrong reasons. it began with reports of gunfire. it ended with an arrest and inferno. >> reporter: an edwards neighborhood turned into
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police and the swat team rushing through summer street after 911 calls from firing a gun. >> was boom, and it scared me. >> reporter: 53-year-old mark the house. police fired pepper spray, but he wouldn't come out. hurt today. >> reporter: the standoff lasted for hours, and hands up. >> reporter: l, blaine showed his face, hands in arrested. >> he came out with his hands up. right when he came out, you hear a big boom, and the house started going in flames. >> reporter: the house quickly became engulfed, a raging fire only minutes after the arrest. >> as he came to the front door, officers on served flames coming from the home. he came out of the front porch. fire was already going at that point. he came out. they took him into custody. he was arguing with officers and resisting when he came out. >> reporter: police say
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soar usely hurt. the air was thick with smoke, and everybody was asking the question why. >> one of his friends told me his mother just passed away, and he was having a hard time renting out the other half of his house. it's scary, because i always hear gunshots coming out of -- >> reporter: police at this point do not believe weapon at officers, charges. they're satisfied also at this point nobody else was was alone. jim smith, wbz news. back to you. developing now, a holiday horror in milford. two people dead, possibly monoxide. lewisia? >> reporter: good evening, liam. the booster county da has now said those two people were sent to the hospital, are being treated for what they believe is carbon
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investigators are waiting for autopsy say results to officially determine the cause of death for the other two victims. while neighbors are telling us more about those victims, they say they are a couple originally from brazil and that they have an 18- still lives there. this building condemned per order board of health. the signs taped to this duplex in milford nearly discovery. afternoon, m,lford police and fire got a medical call to 24 prospect heights. what they found was two people dead inside. and two others from the building were transported to the hospital. the whole thing investigated as possible carbon monoxide poise song, police involved as well. but emergency crews say it's just too soon to tell. >> see a man and woman neighbors tell wbz that a couple lived in the 24 side of
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carlos albertez said they had a roommate. that friend, alberto claims, felt ill around two friday morning, and is now in the hospital >> i'm so sad. . >> reporter: so again, foul play is not suspected here, and the state fire marshall is going to be looking into whether or not there were functional alarms in this building. wbz news. katie, back to you. >> thanks so much, lewisia. developing in al, crews rushing to rescue people trapped from another tornado that touched down this evening. this happened just outside billingham. so far there are no reports of any thefts. this is the latest in a string of deadly storms that have hammered the south this week. a rare full moon on this christmas. you can see it now just past full. not going to see this again until 2034. also rare, of course, this warmth today. it was the second warmest christmas on record, but winter is returning. pamela gardner is here to lot us know when the
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>> tomorrow you get a little taste of those cooler temperatures, but nothing like what we'll experience monday into tuesday. that's when temperatures will only be in the 0s, and we're tracking a winter storm. we don't have to worry about that just yet. today let's just relish what we had. 60 degrees for the high in wooster. boston has 62 degrees, just shy of the record. 65, that will still stand, set back in 1889. for all of us, 57 boston to chatham. a beautiful evening out there, and overnight temperatures will stay rather mild. we have a few showers passing to our south and some coast. but overnight we dry out. temperatures will be in the 40s at least here in boston, 47 degrees by 4 p.m. and that's about it. we will only be in the 40s tomorrow. then back to near-record high temperatures for sunday, plus tracking that 1st winter storm, when that will arrive and the latest
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>> thank you. we have dramatic video showing an intense fire that destroyed this home in cranston, rode island this morning. fire crews got everybody out of the house safely, but the family lost everything, christmas presents. the cranston police department set up a go fund me tonight. a hazel mother and daughter are facing charges, accused of making up a terrifying tale. investigators say the two reported witnessing a man throwing a baby off a bridge. that touched off a major and expensive search effort on christmas eve. both of those -- are due in court next week. drivers are rushing to deliver thousands of packages that did not reach their destination in time to make it under the tree. many employees are volunteering to work tonight. wbz's julia loanchek reports some customers are seeing red. >> reporter: up until 1:00 this afternoon, customers could try their luck at the local fedex express stores, but so many have already taken to
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according to quite a few people on twitter and facebook, fedex ruined their christmas. thousands are sounding off online, upset their packages didn't arrive in time. in fact, a few unhappy customers spent part of christmas morning at the fedex in south boston, trying to track them down. some were lucky enough to walk out with boxes in tow, but many others left empty handed. jenna injure already is among them. >> i know kind of last-minute, but i had to get my boyfriend something, and target had these really nice jackets, so i ordered one, and the reason why i did was because it had, like, big letters, it would be in by the 24. >> reporter: instead. >> it's, like, in transit in maryland or something. >> reporter: the shipping giant was open christmas day in an effort to get as many shipments delivered as possible. in fact, many employees actually volunteered to work. fedex blames this week's severe weather for the delays, and says the heavier- than-planned last-minute shipping volumes
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>> i'm sure i'm not the only one experiencing it, but, like, it's frustrating, because, yeah, i waited a while to do it; but you know, if they put these advertisements out it's definitely going to be there, i mean, i should be able to trust it. >> reporter: little consolation for customers like jenna. >> reporter: if i had target uses fedex to ship, i would not have bought it. >> reporter: rival ups did also experience minor delays, but nothing like fedex. in south boston, julie longch,k, wbs news. tis the season to request a refund from your wireless carrier. verizon and sprint customers are due millions from those companies, this after the sec discovered they charged bogus fees for services. now, if you have to file a refund, you have to do that before the new year. at&t, t mobile customers were also eligible, but the deadline for those refunds has already passed. many of you found drones and hover boards under the christmas tree. we want to give you warnings
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the lithium batteries in hover boards can catch fire. drone owners, you have to register that device before its 1st flight. one mom's special delivery arrived this morning, a gift she was not expecting until the new year. >> reporter: the best gifts don't always arrive under the tree. >> it's pretty amazing. >> reporter: first-time mom general stavnick held hers wrapped up in a white, pink, and blue blanket. >> i feel so blessed. to have him on christmas on top of it all makes it all the more special. >> reporter: her mom and hospital room. the family hoped for a christmas delivery. >> when she found out she was pregnant, we all immediately thought this was going to be on christmas, and it feels sort of appropriately. and really, you couldn't ask for a better gift. >> reporter: general always knew she wanted a child of her own. >> it seemed as though so many
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landed on holidays. it just seemed like it would have been a perfect continuation of this great story. >> reporter: her due date was january 5th. doctors at brig ham women's hospital induced her christmas eve. general's seven-pound baby boy arrived at 10:58. she doesn't have a name yet. her students have provided suggestions. >> during my pregnancy, there were very few things appealing to eat. one of them was mac and cheese. they were all hoping i'd name him mack. >> reporter: general is thinking about the holiday how to incorporate her son's name. >> i feel blessed. >> and mom and baby go home sunday. >> we both have name suggestions >> my name is chris. >> noel. still ahead tonight on the 11, christmas crooks targeting your trash.
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garbage to find out what's worth stealing in inside your home. >> holiday return headaches. how you can get the best customer service without the hassle of waiting on the phone. >> cardinal malley celebrates christmas with the homeless. why they may have less to celebrate this year than
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now that all your presents are unwrapped, many of us will be on the phone with customer service about the broken or the missing parts. >> but there are new ways to avoid the endless wait on the phone and the numbers to try and reach a live person. catherine houser explains how customer service is going high-tech. >> reporter: car area malt dreaded the thought of being stuck on hold with the
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>> i get really aggravated. >> reporter: now she doesn't make the call. instead she uses the app. she gives fit name of the company and her question, and the app takes care of the rest. >> within two hours, i got back a response directly from the cable company. it was a long message that listed all of the details, answering all that i had asked. >> well i think certainly the days of consumers getting all their problems taken care of by sitting on hold with a company are quickly fading. >> reporter: and there are a lot of new apps during the hard work for you. get human will show users the most immediate way to work through a company's phone maze to reach a live person. the louis say apbp waits on hold for you, then calls you back when a real person at the company finally picks up. >> press one to be called back at this number, or two to enter a different number. >> reporter: while these apps ease phone frustration like any app you
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check their prove say policies. >> familiar size with how this app is going to make money off the information you provide. then decide whether or not that's an app you feel comfortable using. >> reporter: car area said she was more than comfortable using the app to get a quick answer. >> it was the best experience i had when it comes to customer service. >> reporter: they're offering up other options, like instant messaging through facebook, and apps that let you tweet directly to the company. i'm catherine houser, wbz news. that brings us to the number of the night. four million, that's how many returns the post office is expected to process in the next week. this is a great story. an astronaut at the international space station sent an apology back to earth tonight. he says he dialed the wrong number from space, and actually called the homeowner by mistake. he tweeted his regret, writing, "i'd like to apologize the lady i just called by mistake, saying hello.
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not a prank call. just a wrong number. >> with all the technology -- >> is this planet earth? . >> then she finds out it's an astronaut up in space. >> there you go, pamela. >> take it away. i love that. she must have been so angry, and then -- man, that's great. well we have a very warm christmas. what can i say? we were close to 70 degrees yesterday. boston hit 69 degrees, the warmest christmas eve on record. and we went down in history with the 2nd warmest christmas on record. the warmest ever on record, at least 65 degrees, set back in 1889. that will still stand. temperatures still in the 50s at this time. some 40s once you get farther to the north and west. 57 in boston, 55dalmouth. 55 degrees for our friend sarah chatham. lows tonight, not too bad. in most spots, warmer than the average high
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which is 38 degrees. 43 in boston for that overnight low, 39 in lawrence. prelim out 43. for tomorrow high temperatures only in the upper 40s and lower 50s. feeling much cooler compared to the last couple days. but still well above normal. we'll take it. weekend dramatic, looking fantastic a. 50/50 weekend. we're cool and dry saturday, mostly cloudy skies expected. sunday 60 degrees with a chance for scattered rain. and we'll be tracking that record high. 61 could fall. we'll keep you updated to that on sunday. hour-by-hour forecast, we're timing our next chance for rain, a little wintery mix as well in northern parts of new england. here's the deal. hour by hour, noon saturday, we're mostly clear, becoming mostly cloudy later by evening. 8:00 p.m., still looking dry. but if you start to travel at all, saturday night into sunday morning, that's when we could start to see a bit of a wintery mix in
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more rain here in boston. still some heavy downpours at types, which could make travel tricky. then that freezing line is actually going be across northern new england with snow chances for the -- through 2:00 p.m. on sunday. and here's what it's looking like, anywhere from 1 to 6 inches of snowfall. some good news for the ski resorts, but only in the extreme northern parts of new england here. saturday night into sunday, we have advisories posted, warnings popessed. travel is going to be tricky there. now for us in boston, targeted monday night, peak travel trouble time for the next several days, really. hour by hour, want to show you monday. we're dry. we're okay. this is the big system moving our way. and this one pushing in monday night into tuesday, from the southwest, giving us some pretty decent rainfall totals if that. we could also see some snow, too. but the track of this is still uncertain. the rain, snow line could be over northern massachusetts. this still uncertain, too.
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it's just going to be a mess. and honestly, the forecast models, we look at several of them. they're all flip-flopped, and all in disagreement. stay tuned. we'll keep you totally updated through the weekend, giving you the latest information. but it does look like at least temperatures will be back in the 30s, back to reality monday and tuesday. back to you. >> we'll stay in dream world thanks. cardinal shawn malley presided over christmas day mass at the cathedral of the holy cross. that made his traditional visit to the shelter in downtown boston. >> that's where john keller caught up with him. the hottest story in american politics now. >> [ speaking foreign language ]. >> reporter: three months to the day after congress raved about this papal appeal for compassion, cardinal malley brought the same message to the state's largest day
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homelessness and poverty. >> reporter: but this christmas there's little room at the inn for the needy, as homelessness soars in uni son with housing costs. >> until we can get on top of that situation and provide more affordable housing for people, the shelters are just going to continue to explode. >> what's the answer here? . >> well the holly father is often talking about the need for economic justice, and we live in a world where the rich are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer. >> reporter: and with federal aid to the homeless not keeping pace with the need, as top state officials warn of tight budgets that -- homeless advocates are left to hope and pray. >> i hope that our country particular are particularly in the spirit of elections when people are talking about what new leaders need to do, that these economic problems of homelessness will
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high on their lists. >> reporter: when the pope came to america this year, the political establish. was full of praise for his message. several months later, you'll have to forgive the folks here at saint francis and elsewhere if they're wondering where's the beef? in boston, john keller at large, wbz news. >> john, thank you. still ahead, patriots preparing for their 2nd matchup with the jets this season. >> why the pat players are saying the new york defense can play the role of grinch come sunday. . >> this is rider, and i originally saw him on the pet parade. >> saw him on tv, and those eyes spoke to me. >> thanks to wbz viewers, hundreds of animal in need
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new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. eversource buys it
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and delivers it to you. but that pool is shrinking, causing energy supply rates to go up and down. so we're working with partners across the region to increase our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution... because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you.
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good holiday for the patriots, because they control their own destiny. if they win on sunday, home field for the playoffs. >> and as i said earlier, . >> it will be a challenge, but i think the patriots and their fans would take it. we begin with injuries. line backer jonathan freezing rainny ruled out while denny hamadolla is doubtful. tight end desante cleveland and troy hill off waivers for the cincinnati bengals. the pat know they're facing an extremely tough opponent in the jets on sunday. jets have won 4 straight, are fighting for their playoff lives with an overall record of 9-5. 1st in red zone with 28. the pat know they'll have their sunday afternoon.
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run. they have a good overall defense, so -- like i said, we're just having a great week of practice to prepare for them. >> throughout the whole year, solid defense. they were very solid last time we played them, very competitive, very tough. they're physical and mentally prepared, so i'm just they're a very solid unit, and we have to be prepared. happens. to finish. coming up sunday, starting with "patriots game day" at 11:30 followed by "5th quarter postgame show," the only place to see tom brady and bell chick press conferences live. football going on out west. cavs and golden state rematch to last year's finals. green, 22 points, 15 rebounds for the double-double to lead the war no, sir, make it 26-17 at that point in the 1st quarter. lebron james has 7 of his game
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2nd quarter as the cavs out scored 23-17, but trailed by 3 at the half. after an ugly 3rd, the warriors tried distancing themselves in the 4th. tom son, he had 19, puts him up by 8. they are smith. puts the cavs behind just 83- 80. but too little too late. golden state holds on to win it, and beat the cavs 89-83. they improve to 28-1 on the season. bulls and thunder earlier from oklahoma city. jimmy butler 2 points to lead the bulls, opened the game with an 11-0 run, and never looked back. the chicago bulls win this 1 105-96. harvard taking on number three oklahoma in the classic game in hawaii. great hustle pick. 37-35. it looks real good. but the sooners came out with a 14-0 run to start
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lead to 20 points, leading 62-42 at 1 point. buddy heel scoring a game high 32 points for the sooners. a career high 25 from zana edosewa. oklahoma holds on to win it 83- 71. harvard fall us the 5-7. the sooners improve to 11-0, one of just five remaining unbeaten teams in college basketball. so there you go. pretty good stuff. good battle from the crimson, but they just fall shy. a holiday surprise next at 11.
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the woman's son did not adopting a baby. they surprised her with the news on christmas eve. how about that? up next, pamela's going to update the forecast, including some snow.
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it looks like monday night into tuesday, that's when we could have our 1st winter storm of the season. certain uncertain on the track and exact timing of this, but we will definitely pass along the latest information to you throughout the weekend and into the 1st part of next week.
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next week.
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